Welcome to the B20

Dan Ioschpe

B20 Chair

As we navigate the complex landscape shaped by the impact of the worldwide pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, energy transition, digitalization and artificial intelligence, reshoring, among others, it is imperative that the global community embarks on a journey towards an inclusive and net-zero economy that leaves no one behind. The actions taken in this decade will shape the next generation's world. Under the theme “Inclusive Growth for a Sustainable Future”, B20 Brazil is committed to engaging the global business community to make actionable recommendations to G20. These recommendations aim at benefiting both the planet and its people, aligning with the global goals we are striving to achieve in this decade.


Businesses can make significant contributions towards this end. As the Chair of B20 Brazil, I invite you to lend your voice and expertise to this pivotal process.

Ricardo Alban

President of the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI)

Welcome to B20 Brazil. As the President of CNI, the host organization for this year's B20, I am thrilled to welcome participants from around the globe. We convene at a time of extraordinary global challenges marked by ongoing volatility and fragmentation. The need for collaboration to tackle these challenges is more pressing than ever.

It's crucial that we establish strategies for cooperation and consensus on key issues to mitigate global risks and to foster sustainable and inclusive growth. CNI is dedicated to structuring a B20 process that facilitates effective discussions and consensus on globally representative recommendations that support the G20 and the interests of the business community. Let's work together to make B20 Brazil a success.

Brazilian National Confederation of Industry

B20 Brazil Host

The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI) is the primary representative of the Brazilian industry. It is the highest body of the industry trade union system and, it has been advocating for the interests of the national industry since its inception in 1938. It also serves as the main interlocutor with the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary, as well as several entities and organizations in Brazil and abroad.

Representing 27 state federations of industry and 1,280 trade unions, to which nearly 700,000 industries are affiliated, it is directly responsible for the Industrial Social Service (SESI), the National Service of Industrial Training (SENAI), and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL). Together, these three organizations form the Industry System, which also includes state-level industry federations and trade unions.

Since its establishment, CNI has played a leading role in society, promoting debate, and building consensus on key national issues. Especially concerning those matters that have a strong influence on the development of Brazilian industry and economy.

CNI, headquartered in Brasília with a representative office in São Paulo, is recognized as a key voice at the national level, examining and presenting suggestions for the development and refinement of policies and laws that strengthen the productive sector and modernize the country.

In addition, CNI encourages national industry research, innovation, and technological development. It also supports initiatives that promote self-recognition, social development, and professional training of workers. These actions are based on studies, technical research, consultations, and constant dialogues with industry federations and trade unions, national sectorial associations, forums, and business councils.